The following argument shows that male-male
penetration (anal sex) is okay if no direct or
indirect harm is caused:

  • We should question the views of Moses
    and Paul condemning male-male
    penetration because we don’t accept their
    views that owning other people as slaves is

  • The Bible provides a test to decide whether
    male-male penetration is good or bad.  This
    is the no-harm test.

  • Male-male penetration passes the no-
    harm test when each man acts with caring
    love and does not harm himself, the other
    man or any third party (e.g., a partner),
    physically, emotionally, mentally or
    relationally, directly or indirectly.

  • There is also the Biblical principle that you
    should treat other people as you would
    want them to treat you, i.e. with kindness
    and honor.  This helps to ensure that no
    harm is done.

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Author: Colin Smith